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The Community Baptist Church was established at 209 Vanderhurst Ave. in 1894 . Kelli's grandfather, Pastor Neal Carlson, began to pastor at this church in 1973. During one of his meetings, the Holy Spirit began to move, and people began speaking in tongues and praying in different languages. They continued to operate in the things of the kingdom of God, and in 1982 the church officially parted ways with the American Baptist Denomination. The Church dropped the Baptist in their name, called themselves The Community Church, and moved to our current address at 323 Bassett St.  In 2020, Rick and Kelli were called to pastor the church, and re-dig what God began to do. Pastor Rick & Kelli feel that our mandate is to bring the kingdom of heaven into our church house, homes, and every area of our city. They would commonly reference King City, as Kingdom City, and the name began to stick!

In 2021, the church officially changed its name to

Kingdom City Church!





We are an expanding church family in King's City, California. We exist to engage with heaven, empower each other, and extend to change our city!




We believe that the Holy Spirit is the ministry, and the ministry is the Holy Spirit. We want to partner with the Holy Spirit, so we never minister or operate from ourselves



We honor others because we believe they are God's most valued creation. We celebrate and give recognition to the good within individuals, as well as the good things that individual does.



The freedom for others to be who God created them to be, free of judgment, and scrutiny. We value who people truly are in the Lord, and their own expressions of God's love.


Priesthood of believers

Every Christian (age & demographic) is a royal priest and a minister of reconciliation. We disciple, and allow everyone to share, practice, and join in the ministry.


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