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Worship Service

Sunday at 6pm

Come celebrate with us!

Every Sunday at 6pm, we celebrate the amazing things that God has done for us, His presence, and what He is doing now!

When you do come to celebrate, you can expect a friendly family environment, a transforming word, and a genuine encounter with God's presence!


King's Kids

Our King's Kids are the future leaders of the church, and of the world. We desire to see children drawn closer to God, having a relationship with Him, and possessing His heart, so they can change and lead the world to Jesus!


City Changers

We desire to extend God's Kingdom, and change our city! We will commonly go out to our local neighborhoods, parks, and flea markets to set up prayer tents, pray for people and share the gospel!


Prayer Service

Thursday at 6pm

We believe that prayer is the most important thing that a church could do. Every scripture in the bible, every healing, prophecy, and salvation, came from prayer. Prayer is engaging with God, knowing Him, speaking with Him, and Him speaking with us. If you would like to join us or need some prayer, please let us know


Men's & Women's Ministries 

Becoming a man and woman of God is important (yet it has it's struggles) which is why we fellowship with others who are on this same journey. Once a month, we will have a men's get together and women's get together, to fellowship, grow, and empower one another!

Healing Rooms
Prophetic, Healing & Deliverance 
By Appointment

If you desire an intimate and comfortable setting where you can receive encouraging prophetic words, physical healing, inner healing, or freedom from spiritual oppression, we are here for you. 

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